Tuesday, November 24, 2009


We sat crosslegged
on little fibre mats
placed on our terrace floor ,
Big candles lit up the night
for us,
sending a warm glow to all ,

All the loving faces I knew
looked even more beautiful
in that soft light,
better than the harsh glare
of the artificial bright

People talked in soft voices,
laughed cheerfully
sang and danced around
the bonfires that lit up,
the city skyline
over the towering heights

Grandfathers played with babies
and grandmothers told stories,
placed her sweethearts on her knees,
and told long forgotten fables and wins
Mothers sat with Fathers - who knows after when ? ...

Sisters and brothers talked
and hugged,
Friends came over,
General merriment was in the air

Old ties were remade
fights forgotten,
New ties were forged,
to ripen over the years

Old love was given away
Hearts were healed,
New love made its way
Back to earth's beings

I saw the faces soften 
and wrinkles disappear
from peoples' faces,
people so young- the wrinkles
should never have been there,
I saw the tides of stress
ebbing away, as the 
hour grew old,
I saw the warmth of the fire
enter everyone souls

To go back to
how the world should
always have been,
even for an hour,
Did it take so much
to change something so little,
little enough to
change all that we always desired ?

Couldn't Earth Hour come 
more often?
So that Fairies and elves
pixies and godmothers
could come again,
and make the magic flow
in our veins ......

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