Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mumbai Indians

No use keeping fingers crossed - we aren't in the semis anymore ....
Those 3 ghastly matches will forever be a mumbai indian player's nightmare ....
Remind me never to be so optimistic as to hope for Rs 6000 ke tickets a day and a half before the finals ....
But I can't ever help being Optimistic always .......

Monday, May 26, 2008

A Letter from This Girl to That Special Boy

Dear You ,
I know this is weird - a random girl writing to you and everything .... but I couldn't resist - I have been waiting for you my whole life .......
Most of my friend's have paired off so far , but I always knew that the guys in front of me were not good enough - you see , I was waiting for you ....
Are you tall and fair - with jet black hair ? Because that is how I have always imagined you . Do you look as good in casuals , as you do in formals , coz I think you sure do . Are you little shy and reserved in general , and a cool dude in front of friends ? With an amazing sense of humour ? - coz I LOVE a good sense of humour - life is like that - we all need it .
Do you like reading ? Please tell me you do , I can't live without it , and somehow I can't imagine my boyfriend or my husband not liking it . Can you cook ? I love cooking , so its okay even if you don't . I know these are a lot of questions , but please don't freak out - this is just so that you get a peek into my mind ......
I hope you know that i love to keep my hair long - so try not to hint at a shorter haircut . And i love fairytales , so if I feel like going to see 'Narnia' or something - don't yell - I'll see a 100 action movies or something ghastly which you want to , to make up for it .
Have you seen each and every particle of Europe ? I haven't - and its my dream ......please come with me again , and I promise you I will see America with you , a thousand times over to make up for it .
I hope you understand that when I yell or lose my temper - its never at you , but at the world or a part of it , because I have never learnt to show people what they really deserve - sometimes I chicken out . Its something you will have to teach me .....
And I hope , that whatever happens , You know that even if the world comes to an end , I'll always love you and be there for you ........
Hope I find you soon ..... wherever you are .
Love always ,

Friday, May 23, 2008

Three Wishes

Once upon a time , in a far away land ...............
Three wood nymphs walked , hand in hand , gliding into the woods - the walk they knew so well . How happy they all were - spring was near - so near near ......
One was tall and fair , with beauty to rival anyone in the world - nay - universe .
Second was quiet and thoughtful , on the outside , but a raging dragon was trapped inside .
Third was - nay not gifted with magic - for who ever said this was a fairytale ? The third was full of life and zest , bent on showing that the world was at its feet .....
Aeones and aeones they walked through the various forests of the world ...until they came upon a wizard .
Old he was - with bright silver hair , reaching down till his waist , gave them a gentle smile and said
" Fair morning to you my children , walk not ahead of me without this test -
If I told you that you may get what you like , what on this day would you ask of me ?"

'LOVE ' - said the first
'PEACE' - said the second
'MONEY ' - said the third
"Very well , your results of this test - you shall find out on your own , you are permitted to be on your way " said HE .

And off they went , along the little yellow road , through the woods , hand in hand ofcourse , as they all were a part of one little soul ...........

Monday, May 19, 2008

Of Blogs and Dogs .

Today's editorial in Times of India . Dunno why , but felt like posting it here .

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cricket , Cricket and more cricket .

This blog is fast becoming totally dedicated to Cricket .. probably because IPL is sooo addicting !!
A win against the Number one team - Rajasthan . Check .
A win against Kolkata . Check .
Helping Kolkata get the lowest ever score in IPL . Check !!!
That is soo cool !!!
Now there can be ' some ' hopes for mumbai indians reaching the semis ... [ hmmm - maybe ... ]
:: fingers crossed ::