Friday, May 23, 2008

Three Wishes

Once upon a time , in a far away land ...............
Three wood nymphs walked , hand in hand , gliding into the woods - the walk they knew so well . How happy they all were - spring was near - so near near ......
One was tall and fair , with beauty to rival anyone in the world - nay - universe .
Second was quiet and thoughtful , on the outside , but a raging dragon was trapped inside .
Third was - nay not gifted with magic - for who ever said this was a fairytale ? The third was full of life and zest , bent on showing that the world was at its feet .....
Aeones and aeones they walked through the various forests of the world ...until they came upon a wizard .
Old he was - with bright silver hair , reaching down till his waist , gave them a gentle smile and said
" Fair morning to you my children , walk not ahead of me without this test -
If I told you that you may get what you like , what on this day would you ask of me ?"

'LOVE ' - said the first
'PEACE' - said the second
'MONEY ' - said the third
"Very well , your results of this test - you shall find out on your own , you are permitted to be on your way " said HE .

And off they went , along the little yellow road , through the woods , hand in hand ofcourse , as they all were a part of one little soul ...........