Saturday, September 27, 2008


There's a road

Straight , neverending , with flowers on the sides ,

lush green grassy fields stretch across till the horizon ,

Brilliant blueness of the sky - neverending ....

greyish mountains on the sides - snowcapped and shrouded in fog ,

And I walk ,


My walk doesn't end , but I know there is

a bend in the road somewhere

Aeones pass , seasons change ,

Thuderstorms and showers happen ,

so do the droughts - fiery red flaming sky burns down on me ,

But I walk ......

And one day -

Through the willow trees lining the road

I see a bend

A bend in the road I knew was there

and suddenly it changes

There's this wind

In my hair , on my face ,

swirling around my arms and legs ....

The bend is over ,

and then , I see

I see you

You're there

Leaning on that fence

And you hold me in your arms

against your firm chest

and you dont let go

And suddenly I feel free

I feel alive ....

Friday, September 12, 2008

If I had the freedom to do whatever I want ....

What is freedom ?
Ask the canary in the cage , the lone prisoner of war , an inmate of Alcatraz ....
Ask the poor unhappy housewife desperately trying to bring up her 5 kids , ask the old grandpa sitting on the road selling apples for a living , Ask the CEO of a successful company , who grinds away his hours in office - forgetful of his family , the college students in 12th std harassed by the thought of not getting the career they want , Ask your parents when they come home tired from work and ready to soothe you ruffled feelings and take care of your family and your problems ........
Ask Yourself . . . .
A million things come to my mind when I read that question - what a question - does anyone have that power to give us that wish ?
Loads of freetime , music and movies , spa treatments and infinite holidays , journey around the world , shopping like crazy - Plasma screen tv , a home theatre , a palace on my own private island , etc etc , giving away money to someone , building something grand , having my own business empire , and a thousand more things - too many to list here .......
But then a vivid picture flashes before my eyes - Do you want to know what I see ?
I see a quite little home offwhite in colour , hidden amongst the coconut and mango trees and a leechee tree in the frontyard . I see a small compound with an assortment of flowers and smells along the walkway to the door , and a homely living room when I enter . I see faces - one is lined with old age and wisdom unimaginable - He sits in his armchair in the living room - the first to wish me home , the other is half bald with huge nose grinding away and saving lives every second of his life - including mine :) , the other is either in the kitchen or in her bedroom - talking care of her house , her husband's work , her kids - always working ...... I see another face - small and youthful with all the cheerfulness and youth and happiness I remember seeing on my face a few years ago - which is still there - dreaming of the good times to come .. another face small too - taking care of my grandfather - helping him live life even after his wife .... and I hear and see more voices and faces - filled with laughter and kind words , lectures and advice , and above everything else in the world - I see Infinite Love .....

So if I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted in the world - I would give it away ... for like that canary in the cage , I love my home and my family ... I don't want that freedom

Monday, September 8, 2008

EXAMS !!!! but they're always there ......

I'm TWO WEEKS away from my prelims - aaarrrrrgggghhhh !!! I don't like it a bit - no sir !
Its sooooooooo boring !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I must study - :( - must pass - OH GOD !!!
okay - reality sinking in - 2 weeks is managable - always has been .....I have given a paper on the entire ENT portion - and scored well so thats good , almost all of ophthalmology is done with very good marks in terminals , and PSM is finished with very well too ... then you may ask - why would I be frustrated ????
Because , in the end - you DON'T remember anything !
Take for example today - I tried to study - did quite a bit , felt sleepy at 12 noon - after starting to study at 10 , felt like flinging my textbooks out of the window [ check facebook status ] but guilty conscience and reality mixed with dread wouldn't allow , felt like banging my head on the wall a couple of times , and now here I am online , with a bowl of soup in my hand and trying to like it .... thinking of all the fun I could have had if I had the time and a guilty free conscience , and blogging about it after a friend found my sms reply hilarious enough to suggest a blog dedicated to it .. which I did :)
P.S. - Ever understood HOW ALL the good movies are slated for release when you have exams coming up ?
P.P.S - Ever felt like taking your brain out - keeping it aside and having fun - so that you stop thinking and freaking yourself out , only to realise that you like your brain - and not the rubbish in it - and you wouldn't ever actually want to separate it from your body , and all will be well soon ......
P.P.P.S - I'm rambling ....Goodbye ... It was a nice soup by the way - made me feel loads better ... should I really publish this ? - Maybe I will - I know I'll laugh hilariously over it after some time ........