Friday, August 29, 2008

God's Perfection

I found this poem on a site called when I was searching for poetry .This one is written by Bobette Byran , and copyrighted . Its beautiful , and I know that whoever reads this is going to love it , regardless of who they are . I really loved this :)

God made the mountains
Kiss the clouds
that we may look up beyond
Our own small world
and strive to reach great heights .
He made the ocean wide and mighty
to remind us of the
greatness of his love
and the power of his strength .
He frosts the earth with
diamonds in the winter
to reveal the riches
that await us in heaven,
and He awakens the earth
with profusion of lilacs and daffodils
in the spring ,to show us that
we've been given the gift of eternal life .
He has created masterpieces
and every one of them
are a part of the circle of life , and serve
some great purpose
From the forests , to the valleys ,
across the dales , and even to the most distant twinkling star ,
and the early morning mist
that creeps over the hills ,
God has blessed the earth
with his talented hand .
So do you think that God could have
erred when he made you ?
Ofcourse he didn't .
You're Perfect .
exactly what god intended you to be
As the earth is reborn this spring ,
remember that you are one
of God's great masterpieces
A testament to his infinite
Wisdom and Perfection .

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Unilateral Pains

In the Navi Mumbai Municipal Hospital , where we are posted during our MBBS course .
Time - 9.30 am on Thursday morning , waiting for the Doctor to arrive ......
Poor Atul has just rested his 'oh so painful ' right side [ courtesy of a Tetanus shot 2 days earlier - we all sympathise ] on the chair . After a few minutes of harmless conversation , he gets up to leave the room . As a continuity of the aforementioned conversation , Amod whacks him hard on the LEFT side ... Hilariously Atul clutches his right side , moaning and groaning !! and Amod actually explains the difference between the right and left parts of his posterior - to which poor Atul gives the Tetanus shot ka explanation .....
After he leaves the room - Amod gets up - puts on a serious elderly doctor look and gravely starts off -

" Patient has come with complaints of Unilateral Bum Pain on the Right side . It is aggravated by hitting on the left side . He also gives history of tetanus shots taken two days before arriving in the OPD today ....."

Unfortunately Amod was unable to give his ' Diagnosis ' as we were all laughing hysterically by then .......