Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Last Dance

And when the sun rises again,
the new day will commence, Without you by my side,
My life,my Universe,my everything Will be,
My Last dance of Innocence

Saturday, February 27, 2010

For Ruby's Family

I'm neck deep in work at the moment , so inspiration to write an amazing blog entry is seriously lacking .... I know its been happening a lot recently , but it will be over - soon . Till then I'l leave you with a letter I sent to Ruby's family , as a part of a scrapbook we made for her family - from all over the world . Some part of the letter is similar to what I've posted earlier , but thats only because I wrote the letter before the blog ! Lots more good stuff coming up later  !:)

For Ruby’s Family ,

Ruby inspired all of us , all over the world. She showed us how to face life and struggles. I have never truly met anyone like her. I never really knew her , or talked to her . All I had was 140 characters a day and Ruby’s blog and her jokes , and her voice – the youtube video , but I felt as if I’d known her all my life . I am a 22 year old girl, a final year medical student from India . When we all join medical college , we feel brave that we are taking up a profession which saves people’s lives , helps them heal , but over the years , when we meet our patients , we understand  that it is not us , but our patients , their families and their friends who are the real brave and courageous people . They are the ones who are responsible for making our profession a noble one .

I know that we may not be able to bring Ruby back , but if we continue to tell the world to Remember Ruby , She will be kept alive in our hearts.

I may stay 5000 miles away , I may not ever meet anyone who knew Ruby well , but I know , that one day , I will tell my kids, Ruby’s Story ……..


Lots of Love ,