Friday, June 10, 2011

At the cost of sounding obnoxious

Here is a list of my favourite 'writes' so far ... [ yeas , they are all mine ] I'm quite proud of them , and I hope you are lucky enough to understand the essence of my thoughts , in them [ oh dear , so very very obnoxious ... pardon me ]

1. A letter to St Valentine
2. My Last Dance
3. Earth Hour
4. Remember Ruby
5. A letter from a mother to her daughter , on her 16th birthday
6. The sinking of the Titanic [ this is a favourite favourite , if you know what I mean ]
7. One night in the labour ward
8. Dance of Fire
9. Daddy's Little Girl [ very much ]
10. You
11. If I had the Freedom to do whatever I want ....
12. The Rain in Spain , is falling on the Plains
13. A letter from this Girl to That Special Boy
14. 7.30 am
15. The Bai Bonanza - a true story

Whew , thats a long list .... but I'm afraid I haven't updated in a while ... but soon , very soon .... monsoons are here again and its chai and pakoda time at home with family and friends , and yeah , studying .. yuck ... , whatever , I best get back to my books now so that when I return , I'll feel like I've earned a break :)