Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Bravo ne ijjat bacha di - 64 runs .... and Utthapa should have repeated the gentlemanly bow , he gave in the middle of the field after he caught someone out , after scoring his 37 runs....

As for Ishant - I didn't know whether to be furious at him , or to be proud of him [ since he plays for India after all ] when he sent that stump cartwheeling a good 15 yards away - which took Jayasuriya's pride along with it .

The next Mumbai vs Kolkata match will be fun to watch .

Sunday, April 27, 2008

7.30 am

I have learnt a very good lesson - never ever will I depend on someone else to wake me up in the morning when my parents are out of station .... ofcourse if I deleted the ' parents out of station ' part , it would be a much better lesson learnt - but laziness is a universal virtue of all human beings .

Think of a cozy sunday morning - hmmmm , then think of a 4 hour lecture of medicine at Andheri at 8 in morning - ouch . Yup - providence calls for 10 different alarms to ring at 2 min intervals to get you up and awake in time . This is what I did -

Went of to sleep at 1 am after watching 'Failure to launch' - absolutely tp movie , told the bai to wake me up at 6 - AND DID NOT KEEP A SINGLE ALARM ON MY MOBILE .

The poor thing dutifully came at 6 - and did wake me up . Obviously I fell asleep again after having a proper 2 min conversation with her ....... and got up at 7.30 !!!!!!

O woe is me !!! If we could fly - I might have had a chance to reach Andheri from Borivali in the next half an hour - coz I had no intention of telling my dad I missed out on half the lecture coz I slept in late - NO SIR ...

It was the fastest shower I ever took , wore respectable clothes with everything in place , took all the necessary stuff needed for the lecture , made my tiffin , took a water bottle , walked till the end of the road to catch an autorickshaw and was in it at 7.45 !!!!

I also made it exactly in time for the lecture .... It started at 8.15 ... whew .....

I solemnly swear to God and everyone present - I shall always keep half a dozen alarms on my mobile everytime !!!!

P.S - For all those who simply can't wake up in the morning before tea or coffee - I had my cup o' tea at 1 in the afternoon .... and I survived ....
P.P.S - As luck would have it - the girl who came to wake me up , was suppose to go to her village in the morning . She went back to her room - fell asleep and missed her bus .
She took the 8 o' clock one .
So the only one who was awake at the appointed hour was my Grandfather - who was fast asleep with his head resting on the dining table when I came out of my room .

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Duniya Hila Denge

The Mumbai Indians have lost - AGAIN ..... I don't think we ever need to nurture any hopes of this team winning .... Losing once was okay - expected , Twice - Hmmm , THRICE ???!!! - stupid team ....Duniya ko seriously hila diya ...
This is one place where i can really really type what i want to .... WHAT WAS MUKESH AMBANI THINKING ??!!!

As for the 16th May match against Kolkata Knightriders , I'm going to sit in a Rs 1000 area and scream out all the support of the Knightriders .......... unless by some grace Mumbai actually wins . Not that the chances actually exist - but you can't really say ... God exists for everyone .

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just like Heaven .......

First Day of ENT posting .... :)

Just like Heaven .....

That's what it feels like after one gruelling month of ENT ..... Our first day saw us looking at each other's ears , to see what normal eardrums look like , and the rest of the month was spent in trying to diagnose whatever came in the OPD.
Our Second day was in the OPD in THRC , where we faced a Bell's Palsy patient [ facial paralysis ] , so obviously a mock viva was conducted - with the following comments thrown at us after each answer ....
" R - U - B - B - I - S - H .... RUBBISH !!! "
" H - U - M - B - U - G ..... HUMBUG !!! "
"ARE YOU CATTLE OR WHAT ??!! " [ !!!!! ]
"GO PRACTISE IN BANGLADESH !! " [ !!!!!!! ........]

[ p.s. - one opd even saw all 17 of us standing in a straight line along the wall , holding our ears with both hands , like kindergarden kids ...obviously i don't have a pic of that - and even if i did -posting it here - i think would be going too far ..]

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Saw the first IPL match yesterday !! It was sooo good !! Mc Callum was brilliant !
So I'm really glad Im going to be seeing the 16th May match at DY Patil Stadium ... Me and a bunch of Medical college friends volunteered so that we could be in the VIP Enclosure ! :)
P.S. - I know its a totally girly thing to say ..But - seeing Ponting hugging his team players and ruffling Ishant's Hair - was soo cute !!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Bai bonanza - a true story !

Conversation between 'J' [ the guy ] and 'N' [the girl ] ...
[ the guys from my college group have also shifted to Nerul , and are slowly getting used to mommy dearest not being there to clean up after them - hence the appearance of their flat resembling a garbage dump ..... though in their defence i can say that they are learning ...]
Time - 9.00 am at the breakfast table -
N = Hello , 'Morning !
J = Tumhari bai hamare pass kaam karne aaeygi kya ?
N= in a flat where 6 guys are staying together ??!! no bai will , and ours wont ..what happened to the one who you guys had ?
J= the owner kicked her out now yaa .... help ! send your bai na !! whats the problem ???
N= No !!! why was your bai kicked out ?
J= owner did some chaplusi ... found out - wo to bargirl nickli yaar !!!!!
N = !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [ ROFL ... some cornflakes spill out of the bowl ..]
N= how can you not notice something 'off' about her ??
J= she came , swept the floor , cleaned the dishes etc , kaam hota tha .. who cared ? .... though actually she used a fancy purse and talked on the mobile a lot .......
N= he he he he
J= send the bai !!!!
N= NO !!!!

Life in Nerulgaon

Even though Nerul along with the rest of Navi Mumbai is now the upcoming township , there are still parts of it which do tend to remind us that it is still very much a ' gaon ' ... for eg - having your dinner in an a/c 2bhk flat under emergency battery light at 10 pm , climbing up 6 floors in the afternoon when there is power shortage , and getting wonderful views of the sunrise at 6 am , which definately can't be seen in mumbai dues to lack of airspace .

On the other hand , having a cup of hot tea next to the french windows in the hall looking at the D Y Patil 's Cricket stadium lighted up at night sort of makes up for it :)