Friday, April 11, 2008

The Bai bonanza - a true story !

Conversation between 'J' [ the guy ] and 'N' [the girl ] ...
[ the guys from my college group have also shifted to Nerul , and are slowly getting used to mommy dearest not being there to clean up after them - hence the appearance of their flat resembling a garbage dump ..... though in their defence i can say that they are learning ...]
Time - 9.00 am at the breakfast table -
N = Hello , 'Morning !
J = Tumhari bai hamare pass kaam karne aaeygi kya ?
N= in a flat where 6 guys are staying together ??!! no bai will , and ours wont ..what happened to the one who you guys had ?
J= the owner kicked her out now yaa .... help ! send your bai na !! whats the problem ???
N= No !!! why was your bai kicked out ?
J= owner did some chaplusi ... found out - wo to bargirl nickli yaar !!!!!
N = !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [ ROFL ... some cornflakes spill out of the bowl ..]
N= how can you not notice something 'off' about her ??
J= she came , swept the floor , cleaned the dishes etc , kaam hota tha .. who cared ? .... though actually she used a fancy purse and talked on the mobile a lot .......
N= he he he he
J= send the bai !!!!
N= NO !!!!


Vaibhav said...

Hi, I got to your blog through Aditya's blog

Nice post, I myself have been living with 5 other guys for the past year in a rented apartment in Pune, and have had very similar conversations :D

Aartee said...

hi ! sorry for the late reply . this one is a really old post so didnt check on comments for a while ... glad u liked it .....have many more stories to tell , but will write up when i am in the mood of presenting them better ... i believe that every story has to be told properly to keep its worth right ?! :)anyway will read up ur blogs from now on too :)