Saturday, April 26, 2008

Duniya Hila Denge

The Mumbai Indians have lost - AGAIN ..... I don't think we ever need to nurture any hopes of this team winning .... Losing once was okay - expected , Twice - Hmmm , THRICE ???!!! - stupid team ....Duniya ko seriously hila diya ...
This is one place where i can really really type what i want to .... WHAT WAS MUKESH AMBANI THINKING ??!!!

As for the 16th May match against Kolkata Knightriders , I'm going to sit in a Rs 1000 area and scream out all the support of the Knightriders .......... unless by some grace Mumbai actually wins . Not that the chances actually exist - but you can't really say ... God exists for everyone .


Shreyas said...

i think mumbai/hyderabad/bangalore (to an extent) have chosen very lousy teams... srk and preity and chennai have done gr8... delhi and rajasthan have tried a good balance

Aartee said...

i agree with u on this one .... :)