Sunday, April 27, 2008

7.30 am

I have learnt a very good lesson - never ever will I depend on someone else to wake me up in the morning when my parents are out of station .... ofcourse if I deleted the ' parents out of station ' part , it would be a much better lesson learnt - but laziness is a universal virtue of all human beings .

Think of a cozy sunday morning - hmmmm , then think of a 4 hour lecture of medicine at Andheri at 8 in morning - ouch . Yup - providence calls for 10 different alarms to ring at 2 min intervals to get you up and awake in time . This is what I did -

Went of to sleep at 1 am after watching 'Failure to launch' - absolutely tp movie , told the bai to wake me up at 6 - AND DID NOT KEEP A SINGLE ALARM ON MY MOBILE .

The poor thing dutifully came at 6 - and did wake me up . Obviously I fell asleep again after having a proper 2 min conversation with her ....... and got up at 7.30 !!!!!!

O woe is me !!! If we could fly - I might have had a chance to reach Andheri from Borivali in the next half an hour - coz I had no intention of telling my dad I missed out on half the lecture coz I slept in late - NO SIR ...

It was the fastest shower I ever took , wore respectable clothes with everything in place , took all the necessary stuff needed for the lecture , made my tiffin , took a water bottle , walked till the end of the road to catch an autorickshaw and was in it at 7.45 !!!!

I also made it exactly in time for the lecture .... It started at 8.15 ... whew .....

I solemnly swear to God and everyone present - I shall always keep half a dozen alarms on my mobile everytime !!!!

P.S - For all those who simply can't wake up in the morning before tea or coffee - I had my cup o' tea at 1 in the afternoon .... and I survived ....
P.P.S - As luck would have it - the girl who came to wake me up , was suppose to go to her village in the morning . She went back to her room - fell asleep and missed her bus .
She took the 8 o' clock one .
So the only one who was awake at the appointed hour was my Grandfather - who was fast asleep with his head resting on the dining table when I came out of my room .


Shreyas said...

pardon the crude mention..but humans r generally the # 1 reason for error... i wud never trust a person for anything if thr is something scientific available to do the same

Aartee said...
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