Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome Home 2012 ! :)

In the last few hours of 2011, let us remember the people who have left us, the lessons life has taught us, and believe in the everlasting strength and faith we have thus. Wishing all the people who I care about , a very happy and prosperous New Year ... Have a wonderful 2012 everybody ! :)

Friday, December 30, 2011


That hasn't really been anything like my best works, I must admit . It is however going to be an interesting year  .....
March will be the biggest exam I give , ever. I HAVE to crack it .....
Hopefully, next Diwali , I will be celebrating it in England ...
I can't wait to move to a new country , so exciting , though it will mean I leave many friends and family behind, but I do have lots of family in friends in England as well !! :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

World War Two

Dear Mother,

I hope this letter finds you well. I hope you are enjoying Balmoral, and the children aren't troubling you. They are quite nice, but can get a bit naughty when bored. Dear me, we could never forget that poor little horse, the one that Edward almost chopped up - still hasn't grown back his tail .....

The air raids have started here Mother. It is so disheartening to hear those loud wails in the middle of the night. I do not know if our home protects us, or is a beacon for our enemies to hurt us .... such are the times .....

I would have loved to take some of the children from London to Balmoral, but we fear it will make our home up north, a big target. You must agree, it really isn't safe for all of you to be together, much as I would want it to be.

I am enclosing 75 sterling pounds, in this envelope. Keep it with you. I will, of course, make more provisions, but this has to reach you early, just in case. Either way, there will be someone to escort you to safety - those instructions have long being given - Charles must remain with you at all times ....

Though I would much rather the time never arises, if our condition in London becomes so grave, the children must split up according to my plan, written to you in the earlier letter.

I would much rather have written a long chatty cheerful letter to you and the children, but that is for tomorrow afternoon, before tea , I promise. Hence this shall remain a hastily scribbled note, before I go to address the people who work for us.

After that I must go and say goodbye to my other boys .... they set sail tomorrow at first light ....

It hurts me to know that I want to do so much more for our country , in these times, but beyond the invisible line of power, I can do only so little ....

But no matter what happens, I love you all very very much, with all my heart ...

Your loving Daughter,


I need to write in my blog so much,
every funny story, every naughty deed,
every hopeful wish and every poetic feed
But nowadays when I take up my pen to write,
nothing comes to mind, nothing bright

Have I grown old, I wonder
Have I stopped seeing the beauty
in what I need to believe in,
Have I stopped finding it beautiful,
every small thing, as it had first been

As I pause to wonder, if my
writing will ever come back,
as I pause to look at, what I
have scribbled over this writing pad

I saw what was familiar,
phrases and paragraphs,
rhythm and small verses,
showing beauty's epitaph

How wonderful it felt, to write
like how it had once been
I realised I grew up, but without
giving up any dreams

And that my dear friend,
is the beauty of life,
Inspiration and Solace,
comes to those who strive

A moment's look, a meaningful phrase,
a sweetened memory, and well deserving praise

These cherished feelings, come not cheap,
As you work through life and every deed,
comes the beauty you know of,
with a sudden leap

Friday, June 10, 2011

At the cost of sounding obnoxious

Here is a list of my favourite 'writes' so far ... [ yeas , they are all mine ] I'm quite proud of them , and I hope you are lucky enough to understand the essence of my thoughts , in them [ oh dear , so very very obnoxious ... pardon me ]

1. A letter to St Valentine
2. My Last Dance
3. Earth Hour
4. Remember Ruby
5. A letter from a mother to her daughter , on her 16th birthday
6. The sinking of the Titanic [ this is a favourite favourite , if you know what I mean ]
7. One night in the labour ward
8. Dance of Fire
9. Daddy's Little Girl [ very much ]
10. You
11. If I had the Freedom to do whatever I want ....
12. The Rain in Spain , is falling on the Plains
13. A letter from this Girl to That Special Boy
14. 7.30 am
15. The Bai Bonanza - a true story

Whew , thats a long list .... but I'm afraid I haven't updated in a while ... but soon , very soon .... monsoons are here again and its chai and pakoda time at home with family and friends , and yeah , studying .. yuck ... , whatever , I best get back to my books now so that when I return , I'll feel like I've earned a break :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Letter to St Valentine

Dear Cupid ,
Its 2011 and I'm 23 years old . Also on your very special day , I'm sitting in my dorm room typing away a letter to you ......
I've always believed in you , still do , and forever will .... so why does life have to be unfair about something that is dearest to my heart ? I've let go of so many souls, thinking , that in the name of love, it is the best thing to do , if it doesn't match yours. I think I may have found the one that may be mine , wholely and solely mine , my life , my universe , my everything ......... But I have a deep seated fear, a fear so great, that I choose to voluntarily ignore it , that it may already belong to someone else . And That will be my undoing .
I'm a bit weary of doing the right things - to sacrifice your own happiness for someone you love , I've done that a million times before, you see . I wonder if being selfish will actually work this time ? The thought takes away a bit of beauty from a world which is suppose to be infinite perfection . I wonder if I was wrong about it. That something so beautiful just cannot be so perfect , that maybe it needs a thorn to make it real.
Its been 23 years of celebrating your day for you , all alone . I want to believe that I have done enough right things, to not have me to redeem myself for it . So why am I alone today, dear cupid ? What do you want me to do more, so that I find what I need to ? Every year the same wish is made ... will you grant me this honour of having this soul linked to mine , forever ?
Everlastingly yours,