Monday, February 14, 2011

A Letter to St Valentine

Dear Cupid ,
Its 2011 and I'm 23 years old . Also on your very special day , I'm sitting in my dorm room typing away a letter to you ......
I've always believed in you , still do , and forever will .... so why does life have to be unfair about something that is dearest to my heart ? I've let go of so many souls, thinking , that in the name of love, it is the best thing to do , if it doesn't match yours. I think I may have found the one that may be mine , wholely and solely mine , my life , my universe , my everything ......... But I have a deep seated fear, a fear so great, that I choose to voluntarily ignore it , that it may already belong to someone else . And That will be my undoing .
I'm a bit weary of doing the right things - to sacrifice your own happiness for someone you love , I've done that a million times before, you see . I wonder if being selfish will actually work this time ? The thought takes away a bit of beauty from a world which is suppose to be infinite perfection . I wonder if I was wrong about it. That something so beautiful just cannot be so perfect , that maybe it needs a thorn to make it real.
Its been 23 years of celebrating your day for you , all alone . I want to believe that I have done enough right things, to not have me to redeem myself for it . So why am I alone today, dear cupid ? What do you want me to do more, so that I find what I need to ? Every year the same wish is made ... will you grant me this honour of having this soul linked to mine , forever ?
Everlastingly yours,


Aditya said...

Dear Eve,

Selfishness is a positive trait in the right light. What you currently believe to be selfish behavior is in fact altruistic when you look at the bigger picture. You have engaged in much selfish behavior before and shall continue to do so this time as well. To do otherwise will be your undoing - that is my sincerest advice to you.

Have a glass of wine (or 6), hang out with friends and stop being glum.

Policy enforcer and adviser,
Cupid Inc.

Aartee said...

Policy enforcer and advisor
Cupid Inc
Respected Sir ,
A warm Thank you on my behalf for answering this message so quickly . Also a bigger thank you to Mr cupid for allowing you to message such positive news back to me. I shall ofcourse finish the henious task of breaking through these unnecessary barriers as soon as possible and you can assure Mr Cupid that the job will be done in record time. I assure you that in case I do not meet him or you in person , I shall email you a photograph of me and my client [ without the obstacle ] in due course of time.
Thanking you,
yours sincerly,
Mrs Eve Adam