Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Home = Mumbai

I'm going away to UK for 2 months ... I must be crazy  !!!!
Mumbai is home .... my friends , my family , my tv shows (  yes .... even hindi and marathi ones ... ) marine drive , malls , irritating rickshaw walas who refuse to take fares , vada pav on the roads , maggi noodles , the list goes on ....
A year ago , I would have consoled myself with the wonders of London that awaited me, and I would have been excited. But it is at these time you realise how much you can grow up in a year , when the wonders and the shiny facades of a developed country do not anymore lure you to its shores . London is lovely and comfy and I love it .
But Mumbai is Home , and forever it shall be so. And that is the best part of it :)

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