Sunday, July 19, 2009

Harry potter and The Half blood Prince - The Movie . A Review

I have come across mixed reactions from people about the latest movie from the Harry Potter family . So I thought it was high time a die- hard fan wrote in their defence !
To begin with , lets start with the most obvious -
1. Tom Felton gives breath taking and awe inspiring performance in HBP and proves to the world  that He definitely deserves the role and the accolades. I never knew , watching a guy look sideways with the camera capturing only one eye , could prove to be so sinister .
Mr David Yates remarked , " If we can gather even an ounce of empathy for you , in the end , I'll consider my job well done."
Well Mr Yates , I think You job was VERY WELL done ....
2. The cinematography for this film is amazing! The darker shades rule the whole length of the movie , as they have been since movie no 3 . We hope we get to see the lighter brighter shades originally used in the first two movies, back again , in the Epilogue of DH 19 years after ....
3. Background score is fantastic. Enough said .
4. Daniel Radcliffe as usual is so remarkable as Harry , you would think He wasn't really acting at all. Though it was great fun to see his Behavior under the Felix's charm. His behavior with Prof. Slughorn while the poor guy's head is caught in the window of the greenhouse is brilliant , as is his sense of humour during Aragog's funeral . I believe , that part of the movie , may in fact , have given us a Sneak Peek into ' Dan in Real Life' . It seems to be the sort of things He'd love to say .....
His relationship with Ginny aka Bonnie Wright may seem to have accelerated fast , but their chemistry comes off amazingly onscreen .. it feels like love , and you understand why they choose to spend the rest of their lives together ....
5. if you have been one of the lucky ones to have caught HBO's behind the scenes first look at HBP , you will understand the amount of work and detailing that goes into making these films .
To put in so much detail for HP has always been a trademark of Heydey films and Warner Brothers , and it is great that all the cast and crew get very well paid for such time-consuming hard work .
6. Even though Hermione may sound 'highly irritating' in Book 6 , we can easily sympathise with Emma Watson on screen . She shows us what we girls have gone through atleast once in our lives... and Hermione definitely doesn't sound irritating in the movie.
7. Ron's predicament and Lavender's behavior is fantastic to watch. Even if the book keeps us bemused about Ron's situation , the movie makes us sympathise with him too. As for Jessie Cave , she has taken the opportunity  for 10 minute fame and given a very good performance !
8. What we find lacking in the movie , are our old friends Neville and the Weasley twins .
It may be easier to show passion on screen , but those of us who now know Matthew Lewis through his famous Twitter account , realise that it is hard work to keep you character under lock and key. It will be interesting to watch Matthew as He comes into his own while shooting the final battle in DH . To show the world that He rightly deserves to portray Neville, and to make us believe in the strength of Neville's personna. To show us exactly why He could very well have been 'The Chosen One'. To show that Harry knew what He was doing when He asked Neville to finish the battle if he Harry couldn't make it , and for us to see that Harry made all the right decisions that led to a victory for the Light Side in the Final Battle.
9. The Weasley Twins ! James and Oliver are the only ones I can possible think of as portraying them! There are no replacements. As the final battle looms in the horizon , we all wish to see both of them shine too. Showing unwavering fate in 3 kids younger to them , being constantly on the run so that our Heroes know what is happening in the real world .... From George's missing ear to Fred's death in the final battle , this is a nice juicy bit for the Phelp Twins and I'm sure they are savouring all of it , as we speak , as the filming for DH is going on at this very moment....
10. We have seen a lot of darkness been portrayed in these movies , showing us how Voldemort is busy wrecking people's lives. What we have yet to see is Hermione's pain in trying to shield her Muggle parents from the darkness , and Ron's deepest wish to be with his best friend , inspite of it Separating his family . To see Hermione performing the Memory charm on her parents will be interesting , painful and deeply inspiring to watch! [ If anyone from the HP family happens to be reading this too ;P]

So while the Love scenes from HBP leave people bemused , and the storyline moving slightly too fast , I believe it is Warner Brothers hint to us That something Very Big is happening in the next two years , and that they will enjoy seeing us gobsmacked and savouring very minute of the next two films. It will be very obvious that They will be the ones having the last laugh.
A good critic never asks for feedback , but I'm no critic , just a loyal fan. And I do know that there are many others out there , who like me , 'Have Stood By Harry Till The Very End' ......


Max said...

Lets just put it this way.
Strike 1: The author has an edge on her 'power of observation'.
Strike 2: Its written very well, to the point and asks for the subtle comments to re-question the thoughts on negatives.
Strike 3: The Author is a die hard fan / obsessed / protective / fanatic / enthusiastic / zealot about this magical,whimsical characters in sequence.

[So who are 'OUT' in this place-- The Critics]

Aartee said...

Aww I love you !! :P LOL its a great way of showing comments really :)