Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Letter from a Mother to her Daughter on her 16th Birthday

My darling baby girl ,
Happy Birthday sweetheart ! I know you are a 16 year old teenager today , a woman wise beyond her years .... but to me , you will always be that 7 pound baby girl who I held in my arms for the first time , that Spring Morning ...
Do you know that you were born as the first ray of sunshine burst in through the window , on that day , and it fell on your fair face and dark hair , and as I held you , I was the happiest mother alive ..:)
Do you know your first word was "Mumma" and I cried when you said that ... it was a relief .. the neighbour's kid had spoken his first words before you did , and him a month younger !! Us Mothers :) ....
I'm sure you are  a very beautiful girl, I saw that when you were a baby , and if right now you're thinking "Yeah right!" , I want you to look in the mirror and say 10 nice things about your looks.Beauty always lies in the heart baby , and only good values lets you were it modestly on your sleeve.
I hope you are studying hard , though I'm sure Daddy is taking care of that part pretty well !

Do you have a boyfriend yet ? I hope he respects you as much as he loves you . I hope he's told you he'd die for you ... Real love does run THAT deep darling ...If you haven't found him , I want you to know that you aren't alone , and your Prince is out there looking for you . He doesn't have to wear a crown to be a Prince , and you my precious  Princess are worth a million crowns.Your Prince will come .... and as old and ancient as this saying is , there is a very good reason why it has stood the test of time :)
I hope you realise that you have the strength to take on the world. Real feminine strength-deep in the heart , small , delicate , sweet and soft , but hard as steel at the core when you need it. You can get whatever you want .....
Do NOT  be afraid of this world. I am your Mother, and I'm always there with you . NOTHING wrong will ever happen to you  because I'll always be there ...
I'm sure that if you were to ask any mother if she would Die for her kid - she'd say Yes - I did  and I know you will too . But I hope you never have to write letters to your babies, I hope you can watch them grow up , tell them these things yourself , cry as your baby girl walks down the aisle , hug your son and brush away his tears after a fall. I hope you can kiss them goodnight and lean against the doorway and watch the fall asleep :)
And as you look up at the sky tonight , One more Star will be shining bright ...:)
God knew what He was doing when he made us Mothers ... oh yes he did :) I love you my baby girl :)
Love you forever and always , 
Mummy :)
P.S. When Daddy comes home , check on him to see if he still has his socks on , in bed , you know He still forgets ..
P.P.S.I love you , watching over you every second, you're never alone and don't be scared :) Mummy loves you very much sweetheart :) ......

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swami shri shri shri .. al hooferulla said...

k ok sry 4 being late.. ur prince is here hehehe